Interviews of Jamaican Athletes
Shelley Ann Fraser The 2008 Olympic 100M gold medalist from MVP Club in Jamaica, predicts tough Golden League 2009. Kerron Stewart The 2008 Olympic 100M Silver and 200M Bronze medalist, Golden League interview 2009. Usain Bolt  The 2008 Olympic and world record holder at 100M/200M and 4x100M from the Racers Club in Jamaica, takes Top Gear Challenge in the UK. Usain Bolt The Art & Science of Coaching with his coach Glen Mills of Racers Club in Jamaica, Part 1
Yohan Blake The third fastest Jamaican Sprinter, and the youngest to sub 10 sec, has sub 10 sec twice, on his Paris Golden League interview. Veronica Campbell-Brown - 2008 Olympic 200M Gold medalist, 2004 Olympic 100M Bronze, 200M Gold, 4x100M Gold. 2000 Olympic 4x100M Silver,  part 1 interview. Veronica Campbell-Brown - 2007 World Championships 100M Gold, 200M Gold, 4x100M Silver. 2005 WC 100M Bronze, 200M Gold, 4x100M Silver, part 2 interview. Usain Bolt New World Record for 100m 19.58 at the 2009 WC, speaking about chicken nuggets.
Shelley Ann Fraser The 2009 World Champion Gold medalist, who won in 10.73 and is now the holder of the Jamaican National Record (NR). Kerron Stewart The 2009 World Champion Silver medalist for 100M, is currently Nationally ranked the number 3 sprinter for 100M. Brigitte Foster-Hylton The 2009 World Champion Gold medalist for the 100h, she is also the Jamaica National Record holder, 8/19/09 Asafa Powell The 2009 World Champion Broze medalist for 100M and Gold medalist for the 4x100M, many times World Record holder for the 100M, 8/24/09
Three Team Members World Champion 4x100M Gold Medalist on the podium, 8/24/09 Usain Bolt in Austria, 9/03/09 Usain Bolt - Interview conducted by Jamaica Information Service (JIS), after his return from Berlin, where he shattered the his 100M & 200M World Records with a 9.58, and a 19.19, 9/`4/09